Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oliver Willis: "Making me mad is racist!"

That's the gist of it, I guess.

Chunk-a-lunk got ticked off at some clown named Shaun Conley for sending him a less than polite email insinuating that he, as well as the rest of Obama's supporters, are akin to slaves awaiting handouts from their "massa," Barack Hussein Obama. Somehow, in Oliver's mind, any time anyone anywhere brings up race in a comment, that comment is racist, especially if it makes him mad. That is a bit ironic, considering that Oliver is the first one to throw the race card into things and has a desire for retribution against whites. He has stated himself "I can't wait 'til you people are a minority." Really, Oliver? Why's that? The man is a hateful, anti-white bigot and a socialist. The trained seals that comment on his site are nothing more than his useful idiots.

The email Mr. Conley sent must have really hit a nerve.

PS: OW, that was hardly a "threat." Quit acting like a little girl. Be more like your hero, Superman

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