Monday, September 14, 2009

More damn racist toddlers

The hate never stops.

The. Hate. Never. Stops!

Toddlers who turn their noses up at spicy food from overseas could be branded racists by a Government-sponsored agency.

The National Children's Bureau, which receives £12 million a year, mainly from Government funded organisations, has issued guidance to play leaders and nursery teachers advising them to be alert for racist incidents among youngsters in their care.

This could include a ch More..ild of as young as three who says "yuk" in response to being served unfamiliar foreign food.

If my child ever even thinks about saying "yuk" to a food regularly eaten by a minority group in this country, I will immediately take them to get sensitivity training. To say "yuk," to something, for example a chili cheese burrito, is a definite sign of genetic predisposition inherent in whites to hate everything.

We must put our toddlers in line. And  by put in line I mean force them to like spicy food. The self-esteem of illegal immigrant kids everywhere is at stake.


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