Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dogs also bitter racists

So it was proven by Clara Jeffery of Slate.

And what does she propose to remedy the tendencies of these racist beasts? Doggie diversity training!

It is possible to mitigate such behavior, through a sort of doggie diversity training, whereby the pet is gradually exposed to what sets it off. But it can be hard to persuade your black or white-bearded friends to participate in such cultural immersion exercises. 

What do you expect from racist animals? Cooperation? Heh. I think not. 

Some will argue that what dogs display is not racism, but something more akin to cause-and-effect conditioning. Really, though, is there a difference? Consider that many people become prejudiced by being raised in a very insular way, in their own enclave of whites or Hispanics or blacks, largely ignorant of people who are different. Humans, too, fear the unfamiliar and use a bad experience or two to tar a whole class of people.

Lady, read that title of this blog. It is racism. Dogs are bitter racists! Quit making excuses!

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