Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enlightened being Maureen Dowd: "I see racist people"

Again, all of us gentically predisposed to be racists (conservative whites, you know?) have had our motivations pegged by a superior human being. This time, it was Marueen Dowd.

Dowd, being the enlightened human being that she is, was able to determine the motive for Joe Wilson's now infamous "You lie" episode.

You see, it wasn't that Wilson took offense to being called a liar by the president, or was really concerned about illegal immigrants receiving coverage, it was because he, as a savage and racist by his genetic make up, could not control his emotions when he saw that the president is (gasp) a black man. And in true white racist form, he snapped. And now we have the "you like" debacle.

But Dowd's amazing insight didn't stop there. You see, she has some sort of internal "white translating capability," and because she has this unique ability, she was able to tell what Joe Wilson really meant: "You lie, boy!"

Boy. That's right. As in, "don't you lecture me, you black boy." She knew he was really thinking "boy" and just didn't say it! Incredible! Just think, we would not have known any of this had it not been for Maureen Dowd's almost superhuman ability to pinpoint someone's true motivation for their actions, which in this case, as usual, was racism. Somewhere, deep up her own ass, Dowd pulled out this insightful gem. And I'm sure her ass is full of many, many more gems like this one to keep all of us stupid, genetically predisposed white racists in line and in order.

I hereby nominate Maureen Dowd for the newly created czar position of Czar of Motivation Translation. With Dowd and her insight-containing ass, no white person anywhere will be able to hide their real motivation for anything they do.

Which I'm sure is racism.

Link to Dowd's ass gem. 

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