Monday, September 14, 2009

More tea party racism

The Washington Post has a nice piece brilliantly exposing to everyone that all one million or so people that marched on DC to allegedly protest socialized medicine, excessive spending, our massive debt, and inevitable increase in taxes, were really just a bunch of dumb white racists that didn't even know what they were protesting. In fact, it has been said the the estimates weren't anywhere near one million, or even a hundred thousand, or even ten thousand. It just so happens that a few hundred thousand racist white people carrying anti-obama signs all got lost at the same time and same place, as Daily Kos and some other non-racist media outlets have stated.

And again, you must remember, the default setting for white people, well, white conservatives I mean is "racist," therefore, any meeting, gathering, outing, or movement must be motivated  by racism.

This is just another example.

The link to another fine piece of journalism pulled from out of the ass of the non-racists is here.

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