Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Genius: "Police target black Cincinnati Bengals"

I'm not aware of any black Bengals being arrested lately, so we must credit this blogger for outing yet another conspiracy driven by the genetic predisposition towards racism that is inherent in all of us whites. I had thought that maybe black Bengals were being arrested for well, breaking the law, as most people are, but after reading this masterpiece by a blogger going by "tabacco," who is definitely not paranoid or anything,  it became clear that the Cincy PD, (probably ran by whites) had orchestrated a plot to arrest black Bengals football players as often as possible and for no good reason at all. Just because, ya know. That's what cops (well white cops) do, right? Arrest black football players for not breaking the law. Right. Got it everyone.

Plus, it was rumored that many on the force were Cleveland Browns fans and had an alternate but equally sinister motivation present. They wanted to make the Bengals suck more by arresting all their players.

They really didn't need to arrest anyone for that.

Link to masterpiece by blogger that isn't paranoid at all. 

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