Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West stops racist award speech

Nothing says "bitter hateful racist getting awards handed to her because she's a whitey" like the name Taylor Swift.

And last night a brave man and fighter for awards show justice named Kanye West was the man of the hour, when after downing some booze, decided to stop the racist acceptance speech by jumping up on stage, taking the mic from bitter racist Taylor Swift, and announcing to everyone in attendance and everyone watching that Beyonce, and not in fact Taylor Swift, should have won the award.

How does West come to this conclusion?

I'm not sure.

But I am sure of one thing. Swift is white, West and Beyonce are black, which therefore makes Swift by genetic default an insane hatemonger, and unworthy of any award. Even from MTV.

Thank you Kanye west, for pointing out this grave injustice. Man, what a brave soul. Many a man has feared the wrath of a woman like Taylor Swift. I mean, look at her with her thin frame and aryan features!! West knows that she's not really the sweet, polite, likeable, well-spoken, professional, and talented young lady she appears to be or anything.

And Kanye, I'm sure Beyonce is proud of you for doing this and is not at all embarrassed. And you really, really, didn't look like a giant jackass or anything either. No matter what pretty much everyone else on earth says, we know you're a black man fighting for justice. And this time, that fight came in the form of grabbing the mic from..........Taylor Swift.
Fish sticks!


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