Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Racial Alert: Toll lanes deemed racist!

Ok, normally I'm a smartass, but this time I can't even muster up anything clever to say about this one. On it's face...it's just....funny. I swear to you, this is not from The Onion. Here's a bit....

ARLINGTON, Va. - There's a new turn in the debate over high occupancy toll lanes or HOT lanes.
A lawsuit filed by Arlington County last month claims the lanes benefit wealthy white people and discriminates against minorities. While the only rule to get in the HOV lanes on Interstate 395 is you must have three people in the car, Arlington claims adding HOT lanes would cut out poor and minorities by defacto.

I'm completely dumbfounded. Please explain to me how tolls are racist? We all pay them.

They're just making shit up now.

To let everyone know the truth, I don't get upset about race until I see things like this. The constant use of the race card and the double-standards in society are the main source of racial tension in this country. How can reasonable people not be upset when they see some jerks file a lawsuit claiming toll roads are racist? It's insane. When on a daily basis, I see certain demographics using their skin color to shake down people like this, and voting to protect their status as a preferred demographic in matters of hiring, contracts, and entitlements, and do so by flat out supporting racist policies themselves, it's infuriating.

There isn't going to ever be a post-racial America. There is too much to gain for some people by keeping things the way they are. This is just another example.

Racist traffic lanes? What the hell?


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